Nexters Boost is a hub for creating & releasing games. Created by Nexters, the team behind the global blockbuster Hero Wars.

We offer game development expertise and financial support to teams with games at an MVP stage. Boost helps teams create, promote and operate games on a global scale. How we work:

  • Checking & upgrading the components
  • Adding necessary modules & systems
  • Filling the tanks with the secret fuel
  • Takeoff!

Components checked & upgraded

Leverage our know-how in making midcore and casual games that satisfy the needs of global audiences in their markets, on their preferred platforms.


Necessary modules & systems added

Use an array of ready-made solutions in development, player support, and team management.


Tanks filled with the secret fuel

Tap into the experience of Nexters’ world-class marketing team—analytics, partnerships, creative help, UA—all at your disposal.

Tap into the experience of Nexters’ world-class marketing team—analytics, partnerships, creative help, UA—all at your disposal.


Support in launching
and operating in more than
100 countries.

Tell us about your game
The Project Nexters Boost is a hub to help you create and release games at a global scale. Created by Nexters—a company that showed rapid growth and is among Top-5 independent game developers in Europe.

We are game developers and not a corporation. We grew ten-fold, made it to Nasdaq under $GDEV and we’re not about to slow down.

We know what it’s like to build an international business and we offer other studios our expertise in creating and operating games on global markets.

Our dream is a gaming industry where beginner development teams have more opportunities, and players have more new, different & exciting games.

Our Principles

We are sharing our expertise because we’re interested in not just investing but also helping other teams create awesome games. We believe active collaboration and deep-diving into new projects leads to great success.


As we have grown, we’ve retained the atmosphere and identity of a smaller team of like-minded people. In our work with other studios we follow principles of equality and respect individuality and independence.

Growth synergy

The best ideas come from sharing experience and knowledge. By using our strengths in tandem with the studios, we can capture the ideal recipe for each project and grow together.

The Team The Nexters Boost team includes leading developers, marketing specialists and analysts. Department leads and top managers serve as mentors.
Boris Gertsovskiy Co-Founder / Head of R&D

Founder and leader of succesfull gaming companies. Strategy and global vision of a gaming business.

Max Postnikov Executive Producer

12 years in the industry. Strategy, positioning, fundraising, investors and partners relationships.

Georgii Kondratev Head of Production

14 years in the industry. Monetization, user experience, developing gaming communities.

Anna Korzh People Operations

7 years in the industry. Human resources, teams management, support, communities.

Anton Kravets Art Director

13 years in the industry. Art, UI/UX, animation, assets and graphics creation process optimization.

Sviatoslav Torik Leading Market Analyst

23 years in the industry. Marketing & competitor analysis, evolving monetization and metagame.